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We are now offering students the ability to join us either in class or online via Zoom

All of our courses are delivered through PowerPoint which gives us the capability of sharing our screen to the online participants.   Whether you join us in-class or online the courses will be interactive;  you have a chance to ask questions at anytime.  Online participants will be able to hear the full conversation of the in-class instruction and vice versa.  With touchscreen capability we are able to dive deeper into the material to ensure everyone has a good understanding.   

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Steam Smart courses are designed to give students an advantage on exam day.  We have assembled relevant ABSA and TSASK type questions to develop our students.  We help strengthen the student’s fundamentals of mathematics, develop exam strategy and offer tips and tricks along the way for successful exam results.  Currently we are offering courses in 4th, 3rd and 2nd  Class Power Engineering in Sherwood Park, AB.  You have the ability to join all of our courses via zoom from anywhere across Canada.


Latest Past Courses

3A1 Exam Prep

Sherwood Park, AB - Days Inn, 201 Palisades Way 201 Palisades Way, Sherwood Park

Two day course to go over the Physics, Thermodynamics-Including use of steam tables, Trigonometry, Friction Forces, Beams, Stress/Strength and Gas Laws involved in the 3A1 Exam. Please bring a calculator […]


2nd Class Applied Mechanics 2A1

Sherwood Park, AB - Days Inn, 201 Palisades Way 201 Palisades Way, Sherwood Park

This course will be delivered both Online via Zoom and in class at Days Inn in Sherwood Park. Please bring a calculator, Handbook of Formulas and Steam Tables, CSA B51 […]


2nd Class Thermodynamics 2A2, Sherwood Park AB

Sherwood Park, AB - Days Inn, 201 Palisades Way 201 Palisades Way, Sherwood Park

This course will be delivered both Online via Zoom or in class at the Days Inn in Sherwood Park. Please bring calculator and the Handbook of Formulas and Steam Tables.



I want to thank you Brandon and Warren for the great course. You both showed real professionalism, great subject knowledge and understanding for our individual needs but most of all you showed that you cared. It was an intensive week and we all put in a lot of effort but for me personally it paid off, I passed!

2A1 attendee

Hello Warren and Brandon, I wanted to let you know that I passed my 2A1 the other day!  Your course definitely helped me in being able to get this exam done. Thanks!

2A1 Attendee

I am writing in regard’s to thank you for your great efforts & providing the support to enhance my knowledge.  That for sure has boosted my confidence & nourished my knowledge.

2A1 Attendee

Referral Bonus

Steam Smart is offering a $50 referral bonus to previous course attendees who refer new students.  When the new student registers, they simply enter the name of the person who referred them in the “Order Notes” section of the billing page.  Upon attendance of the class the the bonus will be paid out.

About Us

Who We Are

Steam Smart has been established for the purpose of providing power engineering students assistance in passing regulatory exams. At Steam Smart we understand that it may have been several years since a student has taken any formal education and he or she may require additional assistance in certain areas.  We are starting our courses with a multiple teacher approach to provide individual attention while continuing class instruction. This method ensures no one is left behind while learning the entire course content.  

Whether you have begun writing papers for your next ticket or are even just thinking about it feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding either our courses or for help in studying. Having gone through the daunting task of writing all these papers we have the knowledge and skills to help you obtain your next ticket. Our help does not simply end when the course is over either. We are available to answer questions as you’re preparing for your upcoming exam. Our reputation is our guarantee. We are dedicated to our teammates and look forward to establishing lasting relationships long after the exams have all been passed.

At Steam Smart you will be provided with the knowledge required to achieve success in writing exams. We ensure that the basic principles are understood first, then applied to relevant course material which closely follows the SOPEEC Power Engineering Syllabus.


Brandon Rabby – I began my studies for Power Engineering at Keyano College and started my career up in the Fort McMurray region as a 4th Class Power Engineer.  I spent 5 years working in the area and continued my studies obtaining my 3rd Class ticket before moving to Edmonton.  I have spent close to 10 years in the Edmonton area working at two different refineries.  After moving down from Fort McMurray I started to write my 2nd Class papers.  After telling myself I would never write another paper again, I studied for and passed my first paper for my 1st Class a year later. One paper at a time I picked at it until they were all complete. Both Warren and I at  Steam Smart believe anyone is able to achieve this and our goal is to take the stress out of studying and to help you get your ticket.

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