About Steam Smart

Who We Are

Steam Smart has been established for the purpose of providing Power Engineering Student’s assistance in passing regulatory exams. At Steam Smart we understand that it may be been several years since a student has taken any formal education and may require additional assistance in certain areas.  We are starting our courses with a multiple teacher approach to provide individual attention while continuing class instruction. This method ensures no one is left behind while delivering the entire course content.

At Steam Smart you will be provided with the knowledge required to achieve success in writing exams. We ensure that the basic principles are understood first, then applied to relevant course material which closely follows the SOPEEC Power Engineering Syllabus.


Our instructors have several years of Power Engineering experience coupled with an academic background with roots in the University of Saskatchewan. They have completed the First Class academic requirement set forth by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association

At Steam Smart we are a team of Instructors and students with a common goal. Our help does not simply end when the course is over. We are available to answer questions as your preparing for your upcoming exam. Our reputation is our guarantee. We are dedicated to our teammates and look forward to establishing lasting relationships long after the exams have all been passed.